Baron Speed Shop at Goodwood Revival

We were invited again this year by Lord March and Gordon & Sally Russell to Compete at the Barry Sheene memorial Trophy at the Goodwood Revival ,
With The 1954 Triumph T110 we Built with Ace Classics Our riders Were Kevin Rushworth and Peter Crew, Giorgio and myself Spent the last few Weeks rebuilding the motor for this prestigious race.
Despite there being no free practice on the Friday morning this year due to the Sports Car Night race taking place later that day. The Weather was lousy that morning, very cloudy and wet, we went straight in to qualifying and came in 18th Despite the rain.
Saturday, weather good sunny & warm, the itinerary was changed again as our old Friend Ewan McGreggor, was invited to do a Parade Lap of the circuit, with all the Riders.
With The Le Mans style start, Peter Crew was our first rider of the Race With a good start, a very tense moment as you watch the 30 riders run toward you when they get there signal, myself along with the 30 other teams  keeping the bikes running on the on the staggered echelon start line along the pit wall, Peter hits the Clutch i shove it into gear and there off. Instant tinnitus and a face full smog thick with Castrol “R” Fumes and the 105 octane leaded gas ,as the 30 bikes on straight through pipes and open megaphones take off.
Peter Came in after 9 Laps and Kevin Rushworth took over, to bring us in 16th.
Gary Margerum & John Isaac from Magneto photography were on hand to capture the Action of the weekends Racing.
Kevin Rushworth was our first rider out Sunday, the weather was overcast and chilly. Being Giorgio’s first time at Goodwood it was his turn to experience the Start Line (I’m Sure this is one that will stay in his memory for a long time). Kevin despite not getting such a good start as Peter the previous day, got up to midfield and stayed there, Kevin came in and Peter took over for the remaing 14 minutes of the race. At end of the day we finished 12th overall, not bad for an old converted road bike using 50 year old Harmon & Collins Cams &  50 year old MC Cycle Supply Pistons and up against Grand Prix Machines such as Manx Norton’s, Vincent Lightnings, Gileras and BMW Rennesports,
with riders like Troy Corser ,Wayne Gardener & Jeremy Mc Williams at the helm.
At the end of the day we stayed the coarse and finished, where as a lot better equipped machines only 21 out of 30 bikes finished the race.
The Rest of the Day was spent wandering around the paddock with Peter Allan, watching the Racing and looking at fine selection of vintage racing machinery the likes of the pre-war Auto Union & Mercedes grand prix cars.
The Scarab Offenhauser Indy roadster and Micky Thomsons Harvey aluminium special amongst the BRM’s /Ferraris /Alphas /Lotus. The List goes on & on
It was a Great Weekend enjoyed by all, and A Big Thanks to Lord March and Gordon & Sally Russell, for the Invite. We now Look forward to the 2014 Goodwood revival and hope to get anther invite.
Thanks to Kevin Rushworth & Peter Crew Our riders for an entertaining weekend.