Electronic Ignition Wassell Micro-MK1


Product Description

Wassell 12V Electronic Ignition System for Twin and Single cylinder unit models with side points. Can also be used with Wassell Dist/Mag body WW61489 to replace K1F/K2F Magnetos. European manufactured exclusively for Wassell using premium quality components, with a unique billet stator plate design (CNC manufactured stator/trigger). No fragile pick up coils or exposed soldered joints which are often easily damaged. Our stator plates have all component parts fully encapsulated in resin to avoid these issues.

Super compact module design for easy mounting, also incorporates multi pin wiring connectors, so the ignition pack can be removed from your wiring loom for maintenance.
Avoid carrying dual stocks, as our Kit is designed for single cylinder and twin cylinder applications.

Supplied boxed and with full installation instructions. Download here.

Additional Information